Best safari zones in tadoba

Best Safari Zones in Tadoba

Maharashtra is the place where you will find one of India’s most visited wildlife reserves, Tadoba National Park. It has gained its fame from the many species of animals that live there such as leopards, tigers and sloth bears. The park is divided into three main zones which are Moharli, Kolara, Pangadi and Navegaon.

The choice of a gate depends on what kind of animal viewing experience you hope for. If your main objective is to see tigers, then the Moharli Zone is the best place to be. Should you wish to get an opportunity to meet various types of fauna like tigers, deer, leopards, or sloth bears consider visiting Kolara Gate.

Tadoba best safari zones

Moharli Gate: Being the oldest gate in this zone, it serves as the only gateway with the highest probability to encounter with tiger inside Tadoba National Park. There are some beautiful scenes to look at around here including lakes, grasslands, and forests. This gate operates both morning and evening safaris and it can easily be accessed by visitors.

Kolara Gate: This is one of the prominent core entry gates in Kolara Zone, Tadoba National Park. It offers a picturesque scenery with Tadoba Lake being the main attraction. It has the famous Tadoba Temple and hosts many animals such as sloth bears, leopards, dholes (wild dogs), and various species of birds


Alizanza Buffer Gate: This is a buffer gate entrance to the park located in Kolara Zone where bird watching, and reptile spotting are renowned activities.


Belara Buffer Gate: Another entrance point into the park from Kolara Zone but it usually has less traffic. It allows visitors to penetrate deep into the interior of this thick forest and renowned for tiger sightings and leopards too among other wild animals.

Agarzari Gate: A buffer entry gate towards Moharli Zone that covers the southern part of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. Though tigers are not seen as often as they are at core zone, visitors can still see different types of animals including leopards, sloth bears, dholes (asian wild dogs), wild boars, chital, sambar deer, barking deer and species of birds.

Keslaghat Gate: The buffer entry gate to Pangadi/Zari Zone which gives access to this side of the national park. The frequency in sighting tigers is low but a wide selection of wildlife can be observed like above.