Tadoba tiger moharli gate

Moharli Gate – The Classic Choice

Moharli Safari Gate

Moharli Gate, the crown jewel of Tadoba National Park, beckons wildlife enthusiasts with the opportunity of an unforgettable encounter with the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. It is the oldest entrance to Tadoba and ushers visitors into the heart of the Moharli zone.

A Haven for Wildlife Viewing

Moharli's popularity stems from its reputation for frequent spectacular tiger sightings in the right season. The Moharli zone boasts a high density of tigers, which raise your chances of witnessing these striped predators in their natural habitat. However, the magic of Moharli extends beyond tigers. A diverse array of fauna, like leopards, a vibrant collection of deer, sloth bears, hyenas, wild boar, and langurs also reside in this forest.

The Thrill of the Jeep Safari

A jeep safari is the ideal way to explore Moharli. The symphony of the jungle itself is captivating as you may hear the trumpeting of elephants and the calls of birds as you venture deep into the verdant wilderness. Expert guides will navigate the trails, keeping you alert for signs of animal activity and sharing their knowledge of the park's ecology.

Tadoba Eagle
Tadoba Moharli gate deer

Planning Your Moharli Safari

Moharli Gate allows 32 safaris daily, divided into morning and evening sessions. As the big cats are often more active during cooler hours, the early morning forays are recommended for the best chance of encountering tigers. Booking your safari in advance, especially during peak season, is essential for a memorable trip.

Beyond the Jeep

If you could not book a jeep safari in advance or feel more secure with a larger group, you can go on a canter safari. Photography enthusiasts will be entranced by the opportunity to capture stunning wildlife images. The vibrant birdlife, the diverse flora, and the symphony of nature in

Moharli will help you to appreciate the intricate details of the forest.

When to visit Moharli

The best time to visit Moharli Gate to maximize your chances of spotting a tiger is during the summer (March - May). However, if you prefer pleasant weather and don't mind the possibility of fewer tiger sightings, then winter (November - February) or post-monsoon (October & November) could be good options as well.

Moharli Gate, with its highest chances of tiger encounters and diverse wildlife experiences, is the perfect entry point for entering the untamed beauty of Tadoba National Park.