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A Safari Journey Through Kolara Gate

Kolara Safari Gate

Positioned halfway between Navegaon and Moharli is Kolara Gate which is the second most

popular entry gate after Moharli. It is an alternative gateway to explore the rich tapestry of wildlife in Tadoba. While Moharli Gate gains its reputation for frequent tiger sightings, Kolara boasts a its own charm and distinct ecosystem.

Exploring Kolara's Diverse Landscape

Kolara features a denser forest cover with towering bamboo trees and meandering streams, unlike Moharli's predominantly open grasslands. This dense vegetation provides exceptional cover for a wider variety of wildlife species.  Keep your eyes peeled for mysterious leopard sighting, graceful movement of spotted deer and sambar and the lumbering gait of sloth bears. It is also a best bet for birdwatchers with sightings of hornbills, crested serpent eagles and paradise flycatchers.

Tadoba deer

Thrilling Encounters on Jeep Safaris 

Kolara offers jeep safaris as the primary mode of exploration. The gate provides 9 jeep safaris daily consisting of morning and evening safaris. Your excitement is likely to peak in the anticipation of spotting the royal tigress Maya, Tala with 4 cubs at Talab and the tiger Rudra. Expert guides, well-versed in the park's ecology, will accompany the safaris sharing unique Kolara knowledge and keep you alert for animal activity.


Planning Your Kolara Safari Adventure

The limited access of the jeep safaris translates to a more isolated and potentially less crowded safari experience. However, booking your safari in advance is still recommended. Canter safaris at Kolara Gate are less frequent, do not allow online booking and accommodate up to 20 people. Due to their larger size, canters are not able to navigate the narrower trails in the park, potentially limiting your wildlife viewing.


The Best Time to Visit Kolara

The summer months (March-May) offer the best chance of spotting tigers at Kolara. The hot and dry weather forces the wildlife towards waterholes, making them more visible. However, because of a denser forest cover in Kolara, tiger sightings might occur throughout the year, though less frequently in other seasons. If you prefer a less crowded experience and tiger spotting is not your only priority, consider visiting during winters (November-February) or

post-monsoon (October and November).


Kolara Gate, has a unique ecosystem and provides a broader wildlife experience, promising

an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts.