Tadoba Tiger Safari

100 + Bengal Tiges

Tadoba tiger reserve is home to more than 100 Bengal tigers

150 + Indian Leopards

Tadoba national park is where more than 150 Indian leopards lives

50 + Mammals

More then 50 Mammals calls Tadoba national park their home

195 Birds Species

The skies of Tadoba is filled with 195 speices of birds

74 Butterfly Species

74 colorful butterfly species lives in the Tadoba tiger reserve

Budget-Friendly Packages

Enjoy a great amount of wildlife thrill at an affordable package

Services & Experience we offer

Our experiences are designed to create memorable and educational experiences while promoting conservation and responsible tourism practices. Here are some common services offered by us:

Safari Booking

Weekend Package

Safari Package 

Tadoba Wildlife Tour Packages

Here are some of the amazing Tadoba tiger safari tour packages to make your trip exciting and memorable!

1 Nights / 2 Days

Tadoba Weekend Tour 

Enjoy a terrific weekend in Tadoba with our specifically designed 1 Night 2 Days packages, which are ideal for people who do not want to disrupt their hectic weekdays.

2 Nights / 3 Days

Tadoba Safari Tour 

Have an economical tiger safari with our budget trip package, which guarantees a superb safari experience without compromising safety and cleanliness.

3 Nights / 4 Days

Tadoba Honeymoon Tour

Enjoy an exciting Honeymoon in Tadoba, specially designed for the newly weeded couple, our package is a must try for newly weeded wildlife lovers

5 Nights / 6 Days

Tadoba & Pench Tour

Tadoba can be easily clubbed with Pench and together both the parks are wildlife heaven for Tigers and other other big cats sightings along with other wildlife.

Book Your Tadoba Safari !

Step into the untamed realm of the majestic Bengal tigers and experience the thrill of a lifetime at Tadoba Tiger Safari. Join us on a journey through lush jungles and captivating landscapes, Reserve your spot now and witness the beauty of amazing Tadoba and its Bengal Tigers."

Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Explore the details about Tadoba tiger reserve and the thrill that you will witness there

About Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Spread over 1727 sq. km of land in Maharashtra, Tadoba tiger reserve will stun you with its big cats and stunning beauty. It is a place where fantastic animals dwells and wonderful floral species are found.

Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve is a year-round wonderland of breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife. It is open in all the three seasons: Summer, Monsoon, and Winter.

birding in tadoba bg

The amazing birds of Tadoba National Park add to the splendour of the trees and skies. The birds also sing a lovely melody that serves as soothing background music when touring the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Tadoba Safari Zones

The 4 Zones

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is made up of 4 safari zones where amazing mammals, birds, reptiles, and butterflies are found.

22 Safari Gates

Tadoba has 22 Gates in total where the safaris are being organized.

Best Time to Visit

Tadoba in Summers

March-May, the temperatures go up. So do your chances of sighting tigers near waterholes since the vegetation cover is dry and dead.

Tadoba in Winters

November-February, Tadoba gets a lush green cover, making it the most beautiful national park in Central India. Sunny mornings are pure bliss.

Tadoba in Monsoon

July-September, the Core Area is closed due to heavy rainfall. But some buffer gates are open

for beautiful monsoon safaris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tadoba Tiger Reserve famous for?

Tadoba is famous for its great Tiger sightings and tiger population. It is one of the best parks to spot the tiger in central India.

Q. What are the best zones or gates for Tiger Safari in tadoba?

Tadoba has four zones, and each zone has its own importance. There are 22 gates in Tadoba, distributed in these 4 zones: Moharli Zone, Kolara Zone, Navegaon Zone, and Pangadi Zone. The best zone can be tagged depending on the tiger’s movement in that zone. Consider planning the safari via a tour operator to get benefits of the trend analysis for the zone and book in that best zone.

Q. How many safari are required to spot a Tiger in Tadoba?

There are no fixed numbers. Sometimes you may get to see a Tiger on your first safari, sometimes even a few safaris are not enough. We recommend planning for at least four safari packages.

Q. What is the best time to vist Tadoba Tiger Reserve?

The best time to see a Tiger in Tadoba is in the summer, between April - June every year. But you can visit Tadoba throughout the year, and every season has its own benefits.

Q. Is Tadoba Tiger Reserve open for Safari throughout the year?

Tadoba is open throughout the year. From October 1 to June 30, all the core and buffer gates are open, whereas from July 01 to September 30, only buffer gates are open for tourism.

Q. What is the best way to reach Tadoba National Park?

Tadoba is open throughout the year. From October 1 to June 30, all the core and buffer gates are open, whereas from July 01 to September 30, only buffer gates are open for tourism.

Q. What are the chances of sighting a Tiger in Tadoba?

Tiger Sightings in any National Park or Tiger Reserve are not under control. Tigers are the apex predators, and no one can predict their location. However, over a period of time, our team of naturalists and guides has learned the techniques to track a tiger and its movements, which helps us in tiger sightings for our groups.

Q. Is full day safari available in Tadoba National Park?

Yes, full day safaris are available in Tadoba. Kindly contact us to learn more about full-day safaris and how to book it.

Q. How to book Tadoba safari end-to-end package?

For booking Tadoba’s end-to-end package, you may need to connect with our team, who are experts in arranging Tadoba tiger safari packages.

Q. What are the type of safari available in Tadoba?

You can enjoy an open Jeep Safari, also known as a Gypsy Safari, and Canter Safari, in Tadoba.

Q. Is boat safari available in Tadoba?

Boat safaris are not available in Tadoba, However, you can do a boat ride organized by forest department in the IRAI lake in the moharli zone of the Tdaoba.

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