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Safari Zones In Tadoba

Tadoba Safari Gates

In Tadoba National Park and Tiger reserve, there are 4 safari zones where the amazing wildlife dwells. These zones are further divided into core and buffer zones. In these zones, there is a total of 22 gates. These gates are well connected and easy to find, and getting to each gate is simple. 

Moharli Zone

Moharli Zone

  • Core Gates
  • Buffer Gates
Core Gates

Mohorli is one of Tadoba's top safari zones to spot the Bengal tigers. It has seven access gates for safari.

Mo horli Khutwanda

Buffer Gates

Adegaon Agarzari Junona

Devada Mamla

Out of these buffer gates Devada, Adegaon, and Junona Gates open to a paradise of amazing birds.

Each morning and evening, nine vehicles are allowed to enter for a tiger safari through all the gates of the Moharli zone.

Kolara Zone

Another well-known zone in Tadoba is Kolara. There are seven gates in the Kolara Zone gate.

Kolara Palasgaon Chauradev

Alizanza Madnapur Shirkheda Balera

Each morning and evening, nine jeeps are authorized to take guests on a tiger safari from Kolara gate, resulting in eighteen journeys each day. 

Zari Gate and Pangadi Gate

There are six tiger safaris offered each morning and evening at Zari Gate, giving travelers a total of 12 rides per day.

Two tiger safaris are available each morning and evening, for a total of four tiger safaris per day.

The zone's three buffer gates are

Kelsa Ghat Gate

Zari Peth Gate

Zagandi Aswal Chuha Gate

Navegaon Zone

The Navegaon Zone in Tadoba features one core gate and two buffer gates. The Navegaon Gate is the main entrance.

The two buffer gates are:

Navegaon Ramdegi Gate Nimdele Gate

Six vehicles are allotted to enter the park each morning and evening from the Navegaon gate for a tiger safari.

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