Best Time To Visit Tadoba

Open All Season

Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve is a paradise of beautiful flora and thrilling fauna which is open for all seasons. Yes, you read it right! It is even open during monsoon time.

However, Tadoba is best to be visited between the middle of November to the middle of March. From mid-November till mid-February you will feel the coziness of the winter and good weather for the safari even in the afternoon.

From mid- February till mid-March will be warm but at a suitable level. During this time there are great chances of spotting tigers near the water sources as they come there to clear their thirst. 

If you are a bird lover then January to April are the best months to spot varieties of birds flying in the sky or chilling on a tree.

And if you are a photographer who is interested in capturing beautiful pictures of the landscape then the post-monsoon season is perfect for you as Tadoba during this time appears lush green and embraced by varieties of beautiful flowers. 

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