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National Parks Near Tadoba

Kanha National Park

When you enter the gates of Tadoba tiger reserve, you will be greeted with mesmerizing flora. You will see the patches beautifully decorated with grasses and bamboo shrubberies.

And when you travel through the thick woods of Teak trees, crocodile peel, salai, tendu, karaya gum, and mahua madhuca you will definitely have an amazing wildlife experience in this Tadoba tiger safari.

In addition, the shades of pivot wood and vibrant colors of palash will give you an amazing view that you can capture with your cameras. And after game driving through these woods, you will be enchanted by the serene Panchadhara's waterhole, where you'll get to see the massive Arjun trees.

Furthermore, the lakes in the Tadoba national park are surrounded by Black Plum trees 

Pench National Park

Pench National Park is a picturesque and verdant place nestled in the lower southern section of the Satpura Hills, showing nature's splendor at its best. It is named after the Pench River, which runs through the park from north to south. 

Pench National Park is located in two states which are Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is spread over the districts of Chhindwara and Seoni and covers an area of 741.22 square kilometers. It has a core area of 257.26 square kilometers and a buffer area of 483.96 square kilometers. The park's forest belt also stretches to Balaghat in the east and Nagpur in the south. The park's beautiful splendor has piqued the interest of naturalists such as Rudyard Kipling and Captain J. Forsyth.

The park is home to 39 different mammal species, 13 different reptile species, 3 different amphibians, and over 210 different bird species, including some migratory bird species.

Pench was the home of legendary Tigress Collerwali. Other major wildlife that leaves here is Leopard, Indian Wild Dog, Bison, Sambhar, Rock Python, Banded Kukri, Peafowl, and Rufous Treepie.

Navegaon National Park

It is Maharashtra's 5th Tiger Reserve. It is located in the districts of Gondia and Bhandara in Maharashtra's northeastern portion. The Navegaon Tiger Reserve is strategically placed in the core of India's tiger environment, accounting for over a sixth of the country's entire tiger population.

Almost all of central India's important floral and faunal species are found in this park. Major animals that can be spotted are the Panther, Palm Civet, Jackals, Bisons, Sambars, Nilgais, Chitals, Wild Boars, and Sloth Bears. 

Teak, Jamun, Kawat, Haldu, Ain, Mahua, Bhel, and Bhor are among the medicinal, commercial, and ornamental plant species found there. 

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